When one thinks of leadership, they think of the position, the state of power someone holds over a particular group of people. But the term goes beyond the titles or seniority of position. According to Kevin Kruse, CEO of LeadX: “Leadership is a process of social influence which maximizes efforts of others towards achievement of a goal.”

This says a lot on what leadership is truly about and how one can do it effectively. Perhaps not everyone is born to be a leader, but all people have the ability to lead with the proper guidance and support.

Here at edgox, we want to help learners reach their full potential by providing informative and quality courses in their fields of choice—and that includes courses in business leadership that will be relevant in the workplace of today and the future.

In today’s business landscape, there are various challenges that could arise at any given time. The field requires leaders who can effectively connect with their subordinates and think on their feet with the proper strategies and intelligence it requires.

If you’re about to step into a position of power or are simply unsure if you have what it takes to take on a leadership role, we have listed five reasons why you should take a leadership program today.

1. You’ll learn and practice important leadership skills

Taking a leadership role requires one to be equipped with the knowledge and resources needed in order to make wise business decisions and perform tasks well. By taking a business leadership program, you’ll be able to learn important strategies and tools that you can use to effectively lead your team and overall business to success.

2. You’ll learn how to influence and build a team

In a case study from The University of Notre Dame, Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz, was named as an example of a leader who showcased outstanding leadership when he flew straight to D.C. and spent a week with the co-workers and families of his three employees who had died of a robbery in 1997.

Being a leader is more than just knowing how to steer your employees towards your company’s goals. It is also about knowing how to properly connect with your team, to empathize with them in order to foster good relationships and retain their loyalty to the company. A true leader treats his employees as part of a team and understands the importance of each role to the betterment of the company.

3. You’ll improve your decision-making skills

A significant perk of taking a leadership course is that it helps improve your decision-making skills. In business, challenges and opportunities arise on the daily and one must know how to make informed and intelligent decisions in order to succeed. Great decision-makers are one of the best investments a company can have. Peter Drucker, deemed the Father of Management Thinking, said: “Wherever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.”

4. You’ll practice the leadership style that works

Taking a business leadership course will introduce you to the different types of leadership styles and will help you decide which is the most appropriate style in your line of work.

In a study by Peris M. Koech & Prof. G.S Namusonge, it was recommended that managers should discard laissez-faire leadership style by becoming more involved in guiding their subordinates, while also implementing effective reward & recognition systems. Knowing the different styles, its advantages and disadvantages, can help you determine the best way to have a positive influence on your team.

5. It can boost your confidence

Leadership programs teach you the essential skills and knowledge to make better decisions and perform better in different business situations. Having these skills adds clarity to challenging situations which helps you better understand and overcome it. This promotes self-confidence and higher self-esteem.

A leader who exhibits confidence is easier to trust and people want to work with leaders they can trust. Being a confident leader is necessary to take risks, which is what often leads to greater business success. In addition to this, as leaders are meant to influence, having self-confidence allows them to feel assured that their attempts to influence is appropriate.

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