edgox: Five Benefits of e-Learning in the Modern Era

With mobility challenges in place and social distancing measures implemented in different parts of the world, it’s no surprise that the e-learning market is expected to soar to new heights with an estimated net worth of $325 billion by 2025.

There’s no doubt that the demand for e-learning spans across regions but most people overlook how it has already been flourishing even before the global pandemic hit earlier this year. This high-demand for online courses is mostly rooted from today’s learners who want relevant, self-paced, and customized learning options. The world is moving fast and people are always on the move. Today’s learners prefer course content that they can access anywhere at any time—a need that is fulfilled through online learning.

Its advantages don't stop there, check out the benefits of e-learning and why it's the study mode of choice for the modern learner.

1. It accommodates your needs

e-Learning can be personalized based on a student’s learning preferences or study goals. This feature allows students to learn at their own pace and choose from available learning paths. When students are granted the freedom to choose what to study and when to do it, they stay invested and thus learn better.

2. It saves money and time

One of the main features of online learning is that you can access it anywhere at any time. This greatly reduces accomodation and travel costs. There’s no need for venues or print materials, and you totally control your own learning schedules!

3. It is consistent

e-Learning provides standardized training in all its specific learning modes. Unlike in traditional learning where an instructor's methods, style, and teaching approach often play a part in a student's learning progress, online learning eliminates this inconsistency and ensures learners are receiving the same type of training every single time.

4. It is scalable

Whether it’s a course taken by an individual or rolled out to hundreds of people, e-learning is a useful and efficient way for companies to communicate new policies or concepts.

5. It has engaging and interactive content

Students would rather learn by watching an interactive video or listening to an engaging podcast than reading information from a textbook. Technological advancements have enabled online learning designers to create relevant content that is interactive, bite-sized, and engaging to students. When students enjoy what they are learning and how they are doing it, it leads to better retention and higher learning capacity. Discover the ways you can learn better online with edgox. Explore our programs and courses today.

What is edgox?

edgox is an e-learning platform offering executive and further education courses, corporate training, and career mentorship services to aid college students and adult learners who are looking to advance further in their careers or are seeking new competencies in fields across various industries.

The word edgox was coined from the terms: Education (Ed) and Oxygen (GOx), which describes its main goal: to breathe life into the international education industry through courses and programs that upskill individuals.

At edgox, students can get access to a wide range of courses and certificate programs from high-demand fields such as business, management, and marketing, among others. The platform fosters partnerships with reputable institutions across the globe and provides career-driven advice and support for its learners.

The Highlights

From full course content to career mentorship services, edgox prepares its students to become more competent in today’s competitive job market by providing them with the industry knowledge and equipping them with the resources they need to jumpstart their path towards professional success.

  • Online Courses and Programs
    Enroll in instructor-led micro-classes or learn at your own pace. All courses and programs can be completed 100% online.
  • Career Support
    Take advantage of 1-on-1 mentorship sessions with an experienced professional in your field with all enrollment packages.
  • Corporate Training
    edgox For Business offers training and curriculum to upskill your team. Packages are tailored for your company's operational needs.

edgox is continuously fostering partnerships with leading universities and colleges worldwide to better cater to its customers and provide a broader range of courses and programs to choose from. Earn certificates from top universities such as The University of California, Santa Barbara and explore their list of courses offered on edgox.

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The edgox Path to Career Success

edgox empowers each learner to pursue their path towards professional success.
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The learning continues amid today’s challenges. As edgox launches its menu of courses and programs,
it is encouraging and empowering learners to make use of available resources and make the
most out of opportunities that lead to career growth.

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