Learning Never Stops at edgox

edgox aims to help individuals seeking to upskill to emerging industries by bridging them to programs and courses that will provide them the necessary knowledge and skills to be ready upon entry to executive education and career servicing fields.

Inspired by our parent company, a leader in international education, and our commitment to making education accessible to all, we believe in the importance of providing education to individuals who wish to learn more, gain more, and grow more into their chosen career paths.


Backed by an Extensive Network of Institutions and Management Experience in International Education

edgox is backed by M Square Media (MSM), a leading global platform that provides business development and marketing solutions to public and private institutions in the international education sector. Headquartered in British Columbia, Canada, we are a proud partner of 40 higher education institutions in Canada, the US, the UK, Australia, and other key markets worldwide.

We establish global or in-country offices

We manage and train a global network of agents

We deliver targeted numbers in student recruitment for sustained institutional growth

We manage private campuses for better performance

We design pathways for students no matter where they are worldwide

We automate and make the recruitment process better

With a global team powered by more than 250 professionals, we provide solutions to the challenges faced by institutions, agents, students, and entire communities in the international education space.

Diversity From Within

In our mission to make education accessible for all, one of our key objectives is to diversify the campuses of our partner institutions. From East to West and all the regions in between, there are students eager to learn and earn their diplomas or degrees.

At MSM, we desire the same level of diversity within our ranks.

Our company is filled with intellectual, innovative, and inspiring people who bring diverse ideas, backgrounds, and perspectives to the company. This influences our decisions to be wiser and more inclusive. The diversity shapes our internal training and development and helps us better service our customers.

Achieve, Excel, and Grow

Reach greater heights with edgox’s wide range of online courses and career mentorship services